Difference Between Microsoft Office and CorelDraw Files


Commercially Printable

Both files are designed in high image resolutions. You can confidently print these designs via commercial printers. But you can face some colors difference between hard copy and soft copy. It is common and due to the ink variations used in printers. We suggest you to print test copies and adjust printer colors before large number of copies.

Please Note: We are not responsible for any misprinting or printing results. It depends on printers and Inks you are using in printing process. We highly recommend you to use CorelDraw® files for commercial printing.

3-5 Color Combinations

We have up to 5 color combination for each premium design. You can see these combinations in product gallery. You can easily use and replace any combination in your software. Please see our How to guides for help.

Size Adjustment

Both files are size adjustment friendly. You can easily adjust heights and widths within few steps. Please see our How to guides for help.

Customizable Header and Footer

Feel free to customize the header and footers. You can easily add your business details in headers and footers within few easy steps. Once you add details in headers and footers, you do not need to write them again and again. Please see our How to guides for help.

Customizable Logo

Put your logo anywhere in design. Yes, choose the best place for your logo and put it there. For best practice, your logo should be in PNG format with a transparent background. Please see our How to guides for help.

Colors Customization

Colors customization means you can change the design into any color. But this option is only available with CorelDraw® files. Please see our How to guides for help.

Design Customization

You can customize the design into any shape. It will require some CorelDraw® skills. You can use these customized designs under our licensing agreement.

Supported Versions

Currently our files support Microsoft Office® versions 2007 to 2010 and CorelDraw® versions X2 to X16. Please conform your current version before purchasing any design. In other case we are only responsible to give warranty under our warranty policies.