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Q. What is the difference between Microsoft Word and CorelDraw files?

A. The main difference between both files is customization ability. For more details, please read our article on difference between CorelDraw and Microsoft Word files.

Q. How to use Microsoft Word format files?

A. Using files in Microsoft Word is very easy. Please read this article on using files by using Microsoft Word.

Q. How to customize design in CorelDraw?

A. Customization in CorelDraw need little bit awareness of CorelDraw software. If you are new in CorelDraw, our tutorial on customization of letterheads by using CorelDraw will enable you to make basic customizations.

Q. Is there any warranty of these designs?

A. Yes, you will receive 24 hours warranty for files. This warranty is only limited to files and only eligible under our warranty policies.

Q. How can I claim a warranty?

A. Claim process is very easy and simple. Just click on button near your purchased design in “My Account” page. Follow the instructions and that’s it. Please note the warranty option is only available for 24 hours from the time of purchase. After that, you will not be able to claim any warranty.

Q. Can I re-download my purchased designs?

A. Yes, you can re-download your purchased designs from your My Account page.