Privacy Policy

Letterhead Template.Com is aware of the concerns visitors might have regarding the information they must provide to websites to complete transactions and how that information may be used at a later date.

Therefore, the following privacy policy was created to provide you with the information explaining how Letterhead Template collects and manages data and the steps that are taken to keep that data secure.

Basic Data

We only require a person’s email address to register them as a Letterhead Template website user. Those addresses are collected to facilitate future logins by the users.

Purpose of Registration and the Use of Email

Registration is required to purchase a template from the Letterhead Template site. With the registration system in place, the user can manage is purchase history. He could download previously purchased templates and handle warranty and refund issues through the site. Letterhead Template uses the email address provided in the registration process to track customer orders, claims, support issues and any other inquiries. The email address may also be used to send announcements regarding promotions, sales as well as new or updated designs.

Letterhead Template Does Not Collect Banking Information

Letterhead Template does not collect any billing information about PayPal, banking, credit cards or debit cars. Users of our site will be redirected to the PayPal server to complete all purchases. The user will enter the billing information under the security methods provided by PayPal. Persons wishing more information may read the Privacy Polices of PayPal, which can be found on the site.

After a successful payment, the customer will be redirected back to the Letterhead Template site, where he will be able to download the purchased designs.

Advertisements and Cookies

Letterhead Template use cookies to give fast website loading. The cookies are also used to remember your cart, and previously visited designs. The site may show third party advertisements. These advertisements will be related to the topic. By clicking on an advertisement, the customer will be going to another website. Those websites have their own privacy policies. The customer should read those policies, before using the site.

Google AdSense

Letterhead Template may show Google Ad Sense Advertisements. Google uses DIRT cookies to show more relevant ads. To learn more about the cookies that are used by Google, please visit

In Closing

It is the goal of Letterhead Template to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience. If there are any questions about our security methods, or anything related to our site or products, please contact us via contact forms provided in footer area.