Business letterhead template


Business letterhead template is designed to assist you in your business. As letterhead template act as the advertising tool your company need it.


This letterhead template is designed with the combination of different colors. On the top a box is placed in which fields for company name and complete address are provided. Here editing your company name is so simple which makes this template your letterhead template.

For entering the name of your recipient or customer and company name space is fixed. You can update these fields accordingly.

Business letterhead template is editable. The whole area is provided you to write your letter. Here you can easily edit the information or detail that you have to convey.. You can customize this business letterhead template. Colors, size and style of the font are changeable.

Getting business letterhead template is very easy. You can download it form the website free of cost. Business letterhead template can be printed on one page without any mess.


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