Green Statement Letterhead Template


This green statement letterhead template is simply designed to suit any type company. It has 5 color combinations in both files. You can add more color combinations by using CorelDraw file.

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When you want to grab the attention of a customer or a client you send them a letter using your company letterhead. This is something that stands out in their mind, and shows the importance of the company when they can provide their own letterhead to that statement. Whether it happens to be something as little as a reminder to pay a bill or a message of thanks, it works in a way to grab the attention of the person that receives it. If you don’t seem to have your own letterhead you can easily create your own with this letterhead template. This Green Statement allows you to place your own logo in the top portion while you have your message in the body. It stands out with its vibrant color and you can make the changes and additions you might need easily enough. A quick moment is all it takes to download and get started.


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